RayRon policies centred around safety, safeguarding, personhood, and the promotion and maintenance of service users’ social networks and activities. The key is building relationships and ensuring individuals supported are ta the heart of the process, even if they lack capacity to make relevant decisions. We aim to promote service users’ social inclusion in their local community, adopting a collaborative approach with individuals and their families.

Service users’ care plans would project their voices on their preferences, life history, social networks, hobbies, appropriate and desired activities, contacts, present and past wishes, next of Kins, lasting power of attorney, health needs and requirements, and professionals working with them. These would be updated regularly to reflect any changes.

Affordable Cost

RayRon Care Limited offers a distinctive combination of community care of short thirty minutes calls to extended stays and sleep in / waking night and respite services to services and cares users, which provides excellent flexibility and choice to service users at an affordable price. The delivery of our duties is always subjected our core values with profound assurances of uncompromised market standards.